*Please confirm you are attending your appointment**

Just a few things about your appointment!

Our phone number is (267)-353-4001 in case you have any issues, please arrive on time, we all have appointments back to back so if you are later than 10 minutes we will have to reschedule, we are sorry there are no exceptions for this! Please remember that there is always construction somewhere in the city and plan accordingly! Parking and construction are not a reason to be late in the city. (See location info below!!)

Children are not allowed in the studio- ever. It is actually against the law. If you are bringing a guest, please limit it to 1 and be aware it is a small studio studio so they cannot talk on their phone, be loud, eat food, etc.

Please read policies/before and after care on forevervalentinebeauty.com. (No coffee/pain medication/vitamin e/fish oil, no drinking alcohol the day before) You may want to come with clean hair, you cannot wash it for a few days after your service.

Most appointments are about 60-90 minutes total.

A lot of people like to listen to music, it helps you stay calmer and it gives you something to distract yourself!

We take cash, credit card and venmo the day of service.

You will know when you arrive at The BOK Building, 1901 South 9th Street! You literally cannot miss the building! It is an almost 400,000 square foot school building! It takes up an entire city block! Once you see the building, look for parking. At this time it is street parking only,  your parallel parking skills better be on point! Clients that are nervous about this usually Uber!

You need to go to the entrance on 9th street, that is the main entrance. When you arrive at that entrance, there is a call box. Scroll to to "F" and look for "Forever Valentine Beauty"/529 and press call. Once you walk through the doors, make a right and go to the elevator, go to the 5th floor. Once you arrive on the 5th floor immediately make a right, when you get to the end of the hall make another right and you will see us on the right in 529 ;) (we are NOT located in the tattoo studio- room 521)

You can press this map on your phone and it will route you to the location :)

If you have any further questions please email the studio at forevervalentinebeauty@gmail.com!