With a sincere passion for effortless beauty, inspiration from makeup trends, and motivation from music, Evelyn has always had an affinity for shape, color, and form. It is with this admiration and natural talent that resulted in her love for Eyebrow Microblading.

Evelyn began her career in Microblading in June of 2016, with a background in tattoo shop management. In 2017, she was lucky enough to join the nationally recognized team at Kelly Haney Permanent Cosmetics, apprenticing directly under the revered, Kelly Haney herself. Evelyn has since assisted in two of Haney's prestigious Microblading courses, while continuing all necessary training in permanent cosmetics. 

Evelyn mentions that "Microblading is the art of precision, patience, and understanding of shape, color, and form. It's the ability to offer someone a chance to love their eyebrows--something many people struggle to do. It's the opportunity to offer someone an option to ditch their makeup in the morning. It's something that comes instinctively to me and I can't wait to share this passion and knowledge in 2018." She is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

Check out Evelyn's work on Instagram @boltbrow!



$600 Microblading ($100 non-refundable deposit, $400.00 @1st appointment, $100.00 @2nd app)

$700 Combo/Powder Brow ($100 deposit, $400.00 @1st appointment, $200.00 @2nd app)

$350 12-18 month yearly appointment

$150 Additional touch up for resistant skin

**Evelyn only takes on previous work upon approval. You MUST email a photo before booking. She does not β€œtouch up” other artists work, it is considered a new appointment and any time Evelyn goes over previous work/cover ups the price is $800 for the 2 sessions**

*A $100.00 non-refundable, non transferable retainer is mandatory. The retainer will go towards the final price.