I have been working as a makeup artist for 20 years. Throughout my career I have seen many styles of eyebrows. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. I have witnessed the many trends of makeup and eyebrows and have a great understanding of how to make people look and feel their best. I wanted to step my brow game up and use the beauty experience I have to give clients amazing brows that they can swim with, wake up to, and just all around feel amazing about. 


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Kelly has provided 2,000 eyebrow procedures as of June 2018!!!



Microblading and Powder Brow Pricing

*pricing subject to change

Total price $800 

Deposit $200 (Credited to your first appointment.)

First app $500

Second app $100


Combo Brow Total $900

Deposit $200

First App $500

Second app $200

Additional Touch up for stubborn skin up to 10 weeks after 2nd session $150

Basic yearly 12-18 months (only filling in previous work) $350

Re building yearly app $450 (anything else extra, switching to machine, adding shading, making larger or reworking shape)

After 18 months $800

**Kelly only takes on previous work upon approval. You MUST email a photo before booking. She does not “touch up” other artists work, it is considered a new appointment and any time Kelly goes over previous work the price is $1000 for the 2 sessions**

*A $200.00 non-refundable, non transferable retainer is mandatory. The retainer will go towards the final price.

Please email for availability!